Arrowsmith Bikes Hill Climb #1 - Recap and Results

The 3.2km climb up to Witchcraft Lake was a huge success, with 24 racers taking part, making it one of our best attended climbs ever. 28160753163_a5e203b91f_z

Series sponsor Arrowsmith Bikes went above and beyond, recruiting a crew of racers out who normally would be up on Ridgerunner mountain biking. The influx of fresh faces was a welcome rush of energy, and the post race social afterward a great reward for tired legs.

For the skimmers: results link here. 2015 results link here, for those who asked.

In the female category we had 6 battle it out, with newcomers Megan Nunez and Jessie McGarrigle (of Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club fame) making their debut! Janna Gillick took the womens course record down with a fast 9:06, with Lesley Anderson 55 seconds behind in 10:02. Taking third was Tamara Zavarise in 11:41 (50 seconds faster than last year).

The male race had 17 toe the line with Nick Kupiak taking the win in 7:40, and Elijah Buffalo less than 10 seconds behind for second. Arrowsmith's own Lazarus Difiore was just 17 seconds behind for third place putting in a strong ride. Looking at last years results in the mens, only TWO of last years 14 starters were here tonight (Nick and Lee, who took 26 seconds off his time). It's impressive to see such good numbers even with completely new faces. 28161471183_b9fd3d85b2_z (1)28158654714_20b7d25c67_z 28160818133_9790b71a65_z

The youth male race went to Ayden Houle, who went off course with compadre Matthys Redelinghuys and decided to do a double hill climb up to the top of Northwood Rd.

The winner of the $50 Gift Certificate to Arrowsmith Bikes went to Peter McCaffery who was yet again volunteering and did a great job at the start line. Thank you also to Liz Halloran and Patrick Burnham for volunteering tonight. Tonight's best Tokyo Drift award goes to Brendan Flanagan pulling a side skid not normally seen on a road bike.

The biggest thanks has to go to Kebble of Arrowsmith Bikes for promoting the race, bringing out a huge posse to come with them, setting up flags, bringing a cooler of post race beverages for everyone, AND giving away a water bottle to everyone who came out.

NEXT WEEK: Nanaimo Lakes Road (apologies to those we told it was Aho). Pre registration is free and helps lay out the start list ahead of time, link here