MIVA AGM and Awards Night - Friday Oct 14th

AGM and Awards Extravaganza This is going down FRIDAY OCTOBER 14th, in the upstairs room at the Taphouse (used to be Fibber McGees). Mark this in your calendar. Book a babysitter. Come be social and have a great time.

The nominations for the new MIVA Board of Directors are open now here.  Please feel free to submit your nomination, it is all anonymous. The names submitted WILL be contacted to see if they accept prior to just putting them on the ballot.

On that note, there will be a few vacancies on the board next year as some of us with kidlets are feeling the strain, and some directors looking at other opportunities. I'll be stepping down as president after 5 years on the MIVA boards to free up more time to try to keep up to my 3 year old on his bike, and to get fitter to pull the 1 year old that much faster. I've loved seeing this club grow and have no doubt that we'll see an even greater success next year with some of the exciting ideas being floated around, and the dedicated board members who are keen to implement them. If you feel like you can contribute and have the desire, I encourage you to go on the board and make a difference. I can't say enough about the current board and how much extra work they put in to bring out our best season ever, I've loved working with all of you, and have appreciated all of the MIVA 'member-volunteers' who help to make it what it is.

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