MIVA Supports the Stevie Smith Dirt Jump Park

MIVA is proud to announce that $400 is being donated to help the Stevie Smith Dirt Jump Park currently being planned for Beban. In 2016 we had nearly 400 take part in our group rides on Mondays and Wednesdays, and an initiative of the board in springtime was to donate $1 per rider to a worthy cause. This is a local cause, with a benefit that will last well into the future. Having somewhere for kids to stay active, stay healthy, hone their skills, and stay out of trouble is a win win situation all around. I believe giving kids positive options and role models benefits society as a whole.

Stevie Smith would be proud to see this dream coming alive and I encourage everyone to support this in any way they can. To join the facebook group and stay up to date with current news here is the link.

For those of you wondering more about who Stevie Smith was, besides being one of Nanaimo's most successful athletes ever and a World Champion, read on: Stevie Smith Tribute Video Cycling News The Wolf Stevie Smith's World Championship Run (try to watch without getting chills)

Drawing by Clement Venzi


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