MIVA/Arrowsmith Northwood HC #2


HOT🔥 night for the MIVA/Arrowsmith Bikes Hill Climb #2 up Jameson Road to the top of Northwood.   A definite lung buster for the 12 racers.


The winner of a sweet pair of MIVA socks was Jamie Ollson for coming within 1 second of her predicted time.  That's impressive!

Top 3 men

  1. Sean Lunny 6:48

  2. James Sage 7:12

  3. Joel Lutz 7:31

Top 3 women

  1. Lorrie Baildham 8:43

  2. Jamie Ollson 8:49

  3. Mary Hulti 9:38

See full results here: https://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=144282

Thanks to Patrick, Lee Zavarise for timing and Graeme Copp for holding.

Next week is Malaspina Hill Climb off Hammond Bay.  See you there