2016 Gear - Sizing Samples

Quick update for the 2016 Gear! Proofs are in (see below). They are being uploaded to Champsys as we speak.

The online store is NOT open yet, it'll be a few days but you'll know the second that it is. In the meantime you can browse Champsys products to see what style jersey you might like, which shorts/bibs you prefer, etc.

The sizing samples ARE still at Rock City Cycles, until this coming Friday (Jan 22). Try to get in there to try on or see the different samples they've provided us with.

SIZING: some of you ordered kit last year, so you can chime in on Facebook to help others. In general, SIZE UP.

Here is their sizing chart: http://champ-sys.ca/custom/cycling/size-chart/

Here is a blog post review on some ChampSys gear: http://www.danielcassidyracing.com/razor-bib-short--razor-lite-cycling-jersey.html

Here is a word from our ChampSys rep: "For other sizes that are not included in your sample kit, we suggest using our Online Sizing charts or ask for related size charts to be sent. You can also compare your existing item with the measurements of our product to get a good sense of comparison. We have found that this is fairly accurate for our clients. FYI, I highly recommend if any of your teammates find themselves in-between measurements - always go one size up! (Definitely for vests & jackets for width, since they are worn over top)"

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