Final Aquarius Marine Criterium

The weather was perfect for the final race of the season. 16 riders came out to collect double points and secure their place in the standing.

The pace started out calm with two neutral laps and picked up sharply with Janna Gillick and Chris Cameron quickly moving to the front. No one was getting left behind however and the pack remained close for the first 7 laps. On Lap 8 Nathan Walsh jumped to the front easily taking the first prime and earning a Whitesails bomber. Two laps later Kevin Park (mistaking the bells from the spectators for a second prime) went off the front gaining a ten second lead while the rest of the pack let him dangle off the front. On Lap 13 the pack had caught up to Kevin and this time Taylor Kernovich thought he heard bells attacking off the front and putting in an impressive one minute twenty nine second lap. On lap 17 the “Official” bell was rung for the second prime and Nathan Walsh again jumped off the front, this time followed closely by Jaymi Dumper who attempted to use the momentum to go off the front and breakaway from the pack. The main bunch led by Janna Gillick quickly reeled him in again and the pace settled back down. On lap 27 I prepared to ring the bell for the next prime but an ambulance passed the course with lights and sirens. Not knowing what was happening the racers self neutralized and I held off ringing the bell to make sure all was clear. When I finally did ring the bell for the Prime, Sean Lunney in his first crit of the season put in a tremendous effort but was caught at the line by John Vanderveen. John then carried through and reminded us all why he deserved to win the National Masters Time trial earlier this month with a solo breakaway for 9 laps. After the pack caught up to him on Lap 37 the pace settled down once again as riders positioned themselves for the final sprint where Kevin Park narrowly edged out Iain Hay followed closely by James Sage. With that second place finish Iain Hay was able to secure the series overall win followed by James in second place.

Final Results

Series Standings

As always thanks go out to our volunteers marshalling the corners. Without them these events simply couldn’t happen. Thanks also go out to Menno Jongsma of Aquarius Marine for sponsoring this series and the City of Nanaimo who not only allows to close the road every week but this year also printed up signs to notify road users 24/7.

Up next for riders still looking to get experience with bunch racing is the Victoria Cycling League Windsor Park Criterium on Sunday June 30. Ability based racing format with A/B/C categories. C race is at 8:30, B race at 9:15 and A race at 10:30

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Next week will be the start of our Hill climb series.

Patrick Burnham