Final Rock City Cycles Time Trial - 20km Point to Point

Last night saw the final Rock City Cycles time trial of 2019. A one way trip starting at the far end of Nanaimo River Road. Despite a wet start to the day, by 7 pm conditions were just right for some fast times; most riders came in a couple of minutes under their predicted times.

James Sage was the fastest man with a time of 25:40.304. This means James is the runaway winner of the Rock City Cycles time trial series for 2019, winning every single round for a total of 132 points.

Janna Gillick was again the fastest woman with a time of 29:20.818. Tamara Zavarise was the women’s series winner with a total of 103 points.

Big thanks go out to Patrick Burnham for making the TT series run so smoothly this year, for his timing expertise and for his photography which has illustrated most of these news posts. Thanks also, of course, to Rock City Cycles for their sponsorship of the time trial series again this year.

Peter Richards