Arrowsmith Bikes Hill Climbs Week 2 - Rounds 3 and 4 - Results

This week we had the third and forth rounds of the Arrowsmith Bikes Hill Climb Series; a shortened Norton on Tuesday and Doumont/Weigles on Thursday. The final round happens next Tuesday, with a mass start event heading up Nanaimo Lakes Road. Click here for details.

Round 3 - Norton

We almost got lucky with the weather for the third round of the hill climb series but the rain started a quarter of an hour out from the start. The riders tackled a shortened course due to a left turn across traffic that wasn’t safe without a volunteer to watch for vehicles. Despite the conditions there was still fun to be had and some strong performances.

Lorrie Baildham was the fastest woman with a time of 4:41.426, while the fastest man was Jaymi Dumper who got up the hill in 3:47.776.

Round 4 - Doumont/Weigles

Thursday saw the Arrowsmith Bikes hill climb series tackling the Doumont/Weigles climb. The course starts out fast with a little downhill but once it starts heading up, it just seems to get harder and harder.

The fastest man was who Jaymi Dumper who made it to the top in 13:06.523. The fastest woman was Janna Gillick in 14:30.094.

Thanks to Patrick for all his hard work this week.

Peter Richards