All cyclists ride bicycles but not all those who ride bikes are cyclists. As a cyclist with a few years of experience riding all kinds of bicycles, your editor spends quite a bit of time observing bike  riders - kids, families, commuters, recreational riders and, of course, club members and competitors.  It's safe to say that about ninety-five percent of  those observed have their seats too low or too high, pedal v-e-r-y slowly (usually with their insteps), don't use their gears, overdress in warm weather, etc., etc., etc. In addition, they are more often than not, riding on the sidewalks, or on the wrong side of the road, facing opposing traffic.

I am constantly wanting to dialogue with them and teach or remind them about setting up the bike correctly, using an efficient cadence, and using their gears to maintain that cadence at all times, plus impressing upon them that bikes are vehicles and should abey yhe rules of the road !

My best friend says I should mind my own business and let them carry on as they are but I want them to really enjoy cycling as I do and to experience the joy of "doing it right".  Who's right ???

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