MIVA 15KM T.T.T. 11 05 12

The skies were dark and overcast as I left home to set up the course for tonight's 15km team time trial. As I drove up Nanaimo Mines Road towards the start, the heavy rain, which had been pouring on and off during the afternoon, started up again. Arriving at the registration area, I saw only one vehicle there – John Hannon's Honda Element. I guess, being an ex-Brit like me, he was made of sterner stuff than the homegrown Canadians and didn't mind a little rain down the back of his jacket.

Since no-one else showed. John was timed and given the 12 points for winning and one of the Clara Hughes posters that all starters had been promised.

Afterwards, we debated the reasons why the local riders don't ride in the rain. You'd think that the roadies would need to know how to handle wet roads and rooster tails of water coming off the wheels. . We found the non-appearance of any of the HCTC triathletes especially odd, since they are always soaking wet when they transfer from the swim to the run.

One good thing about tonight was I got home in time to see Doc Martin and Newhart.