It was pouring in Nanaimo when we set out to set up the course for tonight's 15km time trial and we fully expected there to be only John Hannon in attendance. Sure enough, when we arrived at the registration point, there was John putting on his train gear. But the skies had cleared and, by the time registration closed, there were 12 signed up to start, not including John, who was still suffering the after-effects of a knee injury. It turned out to be quite a fast evening – a little on the cool side with very little wind. And several riders did a personal best for the distance. Mystery man PDA was the fiorst of the faster riders to finish with a 23' 30”and this stood as fastest time until Ian Smith arrived, posting 23'20”. This proved to be the winning time as newcomer Fred Hodgson missed out by only 19 seconds.

In the women's event, HCTC's Janna Gillick won comfortably in 25' 53” and posted 6th. Fastest time overall.

Next week's time trial will be a 20km one. And the Boxwood criteriums will return next Tuesday.