This evening was just about perfect for a hill climb, The temperature had dropped a few degrees, most of the course was shaded, and there was no wind. Janna Gillick was first off and did a very creditable ride, despite complaining of being really tired from lots of riding, etc. over the past few days. She beat the previous women's record handily. Second off was Mark Wieler who was new to road hill climbs. He still managed a sub-ten minute ride, posting 9' 22”. Third off, Paul Auton, actually overtook Mark before the finish and it was obvious he was flying. He posted a new men's record of 7' 56” but lost this within a minute as Stefan Jacobsen stormed up to the finish line in 7' 42” . It was disappointing to have only four participants for this annual climb but small numbers in mid-August seems to be the pattern over the last four years. Hopefully, the numbers will pick up for the last few events. So far this year, there have been 9 women, 38 men, and 1 youth rider at one or more MIVA time trials. What a race it would be if they all showed up the same week!

Thanks to Kyle Waring, who gets 5 points for acting as starting timekeeper, and to Kit McCaffery for her regular registration chores.

Next weeks 20km time trial starts at 6.30pm, as do all the evening events for the balance of the season.