All those who didn't show tonight for various reasons – heavy event at the weekend, still lamenting the Canucks being beaten by the Bruins, working on the “Honey do” list, etc. - missed a great evening with little wind and just the right temperature, and the return of course record holder Don Gilmore to Nanaimo River Road. No teams turned up and the three lonely participants, Don, Kyle Waring in his new skin suit, and Dr. Chris Cameron who also bought and wore a new MIVA skin suit (and his pager as he was on call). All three riders did times approaching or beating their personal best and Mr. Gilmore posted a sub 42 minute ride to show he hasn't lost his penchant for riding rapidly on the River Road.

Thanks to Kit McCaffery for looking after registration and to the motorists and ATV drivers who all slowed down and passed the start area very cautiously.