40KM I.T.T. July 6th. 2011

Nanaimo River Road

This evening, the temperature dropped several degrees and there was a strong, chilly west wind that the riders had to battle to the turn. The 40km course is two laps of the 20km, so they fought the wind twice. Even fast man, Don Gillmore was three minutesslower than his best time and commented about how hard the ride was.

Despite the inclement conditions, the women'srecord was well and truly beaten by Winnipeg visitor, Rennie Benedict, who did 33'30” for the first twenty km and did the second half of the forty km 45 seconds faster to end up with the new course record of 1h 6'15”, Well done Rennie!

Other newcomers this evening were Rennie's husband Roman Matwyczuk and OBB mechanic, Steve Healey, who is more at home downhilling.

Thanksto Rose Houle and Mark Wieler for marshalling and,of course, to Kit for registration.