Tonight's Boxwood criterium saw 12 starters. Not a lot but the numbers are gradually climbing. After a couple of neutralised laps, the bunch picked up the pace, leaving novice Drew Cooper out in the wind. At the first prime, it was Ian Smith easily winning the sprint from Lionel Space (MIVA) Soon afterwards, Everti's rapid master rider, Mike Sevcov, sprinted off the front but was pulled back within three laps. Then Chris Cameron (NRC), last week's winner cruised off the front of the pack, taking new road rider Mark Wieler with him. They were caught within a lap and Ron Hewitson, (Nanaimo MTB Club) surged ahead.

By the end of the lap, he too had been reined in and Sevcov again took up the lead at the bell for the second prime. Ian Smith (MIVA associate) stretched out the pack with a rapid acceleration, caught Sevcov and took the prime.. Sevcov then managed to bridge up to him and the pair stayed away for the next three laps.

Cameron , not content to let the duo make any time on the group, bridged with Wieler and the pair stayed away but were soon joined by Sevcov and Hewitson. However, with seven laps to go, the race came together again with Smith adding the third prime to his spoils.

For the remaining six laps, the group stayed together until the final sprint. Ron Hewitson was ideally placed as they came round the final corner and stole the win with Smith and Chris Cameron coming in second and third.

The race was notable in that only three of the original twelve starters were lapped and seven were still together at the end.

Three new members joined MIVA this evening and the club membership is now up to fifty-four.

Thanks to cone man Iain Hay, to son, Brodie for looking after the lap board and bell and to Kit McCaffery for registration and controlling our incorrigible Springer, Socks.


1 Ron Hewitson Nanaimo MTB Club 51-05
2 Ian Smith NRC/MIVA s.t.
3 Chris Cameron NRC/MIVA s.t.
4 Charles Hamer MIVA s.t.
5 Mike Sevcov Everti s.t.
6 Kirby Villeneuve Nanaimo MTB Club s.t.
7 Iain Hay MIVA s.t.
8 Mark Wieler MIVA s.t.
9 Rob Bau MIVA At 1 lap
10 Bill McMillan Nanaimo MTB Club At 1 lap
11 Drew Cooper MIVA Lapped
Lionel Space MIVA DNF


1       Ian Smith   2. Ian Smith    3 Ian Smith