MIVA TUESDAY CRITERIUM Boxwood Circuit, May 17th, 2011

40 minutes-plus 5 laps

Tonight's MIVA criterium was the best attended yet, with 19 starters in

men's and women's events. After the two initial neutralised laps, Chris

Cameron (NRC) cruised just of the front of the bunch waiting for someone

to join him. There were a few half-hearted attempts but nothing serious

until lap 13, so Chris took the first of four primes easily.

Then, after a three lap regrouping, Everti's Mike Sevcov took a flyer and

established a five second lead in pursuit of the second prime,but he was

pulled back before the end of the lap and the prime was taken by MIVA's

Ian Smith who just edged Chris Cameron, NMBC rider Kirby Villeneuve

and new MIVA member, Rob Russell.

Everyone but Cameron then relaxed and the NRC rider was able to take a

brief lead out front. He was still about seven seconds up, with NMBC's

Bill McMillan stuck between him and the bunch when the bell went for

prime three. Within a lap both had been caught and the prime was taken

by fast man Smith who added to his spoils for the evening.

As the race entered the last ten minutes Sevcov had another session off the

front but when the bell went for the final prime, he was back in the group

and Ian Smith won his third sprint.

With only two laps left, Chris Cameron and Kirby Villeneuve broke away

but were pulled back by the accelerating bunch by the start of the bell lap.

This set the stage for a bunch sprint and the top eleven riders all finished

with the same time. They were led in by Cameron, who just pipped Smith

and MIVA's Lionel space for the win.

In the women's event, there were just two participants and MIVA rider

Charlene Hay comfortably won over Everti's Glenda Harling, who was

having an off evening.

Thanks to Brodie Hay, still suffering from a lingering cold, who did sterling

duty in charge of lap board, bell and flags.


club time pts

1 Chris Cameron Naimo Road Club 51' 35” 12
2 Ian Smith MIVA s.t. 10
3 Lionel Space MIVA s.t. 9
4 Ron Hewitson MIVA s.t. 8
5 David Huntley Everti s.t. 7
6 Iain Hay MIVA s.t. 6
7 Rob Bau MIVA s.t. 5
8 Mike Sevcov Everti s.t. 4
9 Kirby Villeneuve Nanaimo MTBC s.t. 3
10 Robert Russell MIVA s.t. 2
11 Steve Crowley MIVA s.t. 2
12 Bryan Rehill MIVA At 2” 2
13 Bill McMillan Nanimo MTB Club At 37” 2
14 Phil Birrer MIVA At 1 lap 2
15 MarkWieler MIVA At 1 lap 2
16 Drew Cooper MIVA lapped 2

Primes 1. Chris Cameron 2. Ian Smith 3. Ian Smith 4. Ian Smith

WOMEN 40” plus 2 laps

1 Charlene hay MIVA 50' 27” 12
2 Glenda Harling Everti lapped 5

Volunteer points

Brodie Hay MIVA 5pts

Brodie Hay MIVA Lap & bell 5