MIVA Club Gear - Order Deadline Approaching

The deadline for this round of MIVA clothing orders is THIS Friday, May 15th.  Get it done before you go into long weekend mode! Here's the link:
Ordering instructions:

Step 1: Everyone must complete step 1 with the same username and password:
Login: MIVA
Password: AVIM
Step 2: Create your own login details
Step 3: Shop!
3a – select the "Order Now" of the order name (Friends Order)
3b - select the "Order" button of the product category you want to order (jersey, jacket, shorts, caps, warmers)
3c – enter your order details.
REPEAT 3b and 3C as necessary
3e – confirm order
3f – complete payment

Special thanks to Jason Hare for his hard work in setting up the ChampSys shop, and to Matt Evans for the jersey design.

Jersey - front



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