MIVA Club Gear - Ready to order

The clothing store is OPEN. Orders taken for the next TWO WEEKS ONLY. NO extra clothing is being ordered by the club, so if you don't order it, you don't get it.

Here's the link:


Ordering instructions: Step 1: Everyone must complete step 1 with the same username and password: Login: MIVA Password: AVIM

Step 2: Create your own login details

Step 3: Shop! 3a – select the "Order Now" of the order name (Friends Order) 3b - select the "Order" button of the product category you want to order (jersey, jacket, shorts, caps, warmers) 3c – enter your order details. REPEAT 3b and 3C as necessary 3e – confirm order 3f – complete payment

*The club will order socks and sell them as the online store won't allow it **Cycling Caps will be created on the next order go round