Highway 19 / College Drive SEPTEMBER 1ST. 2011

Six Starters for this event – four men and two women. The first 1.5 kilometres on the highway is quite fast, especially the mid-section where riders were going at 30+kph. Once on College Drive the road kicks up for a while at about 8% then eases off to give everyone a “rest”. The last half kilometre is the hard part, with a couple of sections in excess of 11%. The final 250 metres eases off so participants tend to finish fast. In the women's race, Janna Gillick finished just over half a minute faster than Cheryl Morch to take top points.

First rider to crest the hill was septuagenarian Dave Kenny in a very creditable time of 9' 28”. Next to finish was newcomer Alex Council, only just over half a minute ahead of Dave who is over three times his age! Last but one to finish was Bryan Rehill, with a time that beat the previous record for the hill by18 seconds. As final starter, Paul Auton approached the finish, it was clear that Bryan's new record would be beaten and sure enough, Paul finished in a new record time of 6' 55”!

Thanks to Kit McCaffery for registration, Phil Birrer for holding, and Shaun Boyd for acting as starting timekeeper.

We are still having issues with the results page - your editor can access it and add results but the users cannot so here are tonight's results.


MEN Pts.
Paul Auton ABA 6' 55” 12
Bryan Rehill HCTC 7' 05” 10
Alex Council Ind. 8' 55” 9
Dave Kenny MIVA / Liverpool Mercury 9' 28” 8


Janna Gillick MIVA/HCTC 8' 34” 12
Cheryl Morch HCTC 9' 06” 10