MIVA Gear - Store is OPEN now until August 13th

The MIVA Store is back OPEN! For those of you that didn't get your order in, or are realizing that you need more gear (pro tip: you always need more gear)...

It will close on July 31st.  If we hit the minimum 10 on any item we can send the order in early as well, that's the beauty of using ChampSys.  What other types of gear are you interested in, let us know! I got myself the MIVA hoodie and LOVE it.  It'll get plenty of use once the heat wave and drought is over with.

Step 1:  Everyone must go here:  http://custom.champ-sys.com/Login/en-CA/in.aspx complete step 1 with the same username and password:

Login:  MIVA

Password:  AVIM


Step 2:  Create your own login details

Step 3:  Shop!

3a – select the "Order Now" of the order name (MIVA 2015 #2)

3b - select the "Order" button of the product category you want to order (jersey, jacket, shorts, caps, warmers)

3c – enter your order details.

REPEAT 3b and 3C as necessary

3e – confirm order

3f – complete payment

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