MIVA Gear Store v2.0 is NOW OPEN

Good news MIVA, the online store is open again! Instructions on how to order are below:  

1 – Click here for MIVA’s online shop MIVA STORE

2 – As you choose the gear you want, drop down menus appear to show the different styles available along with the prices. Here is where you can add reflective piping, and what type of zipper you prefer.

3 – When you go to checkout, you will be prompted to login if you haven’t already or SIGN UP (if you have not set up an account)

4 – For questions please use the ‘Contact Us’ button on the ordering page, or email miva.jason@gmail.com Champsys also has a CHAT icon on the ordering page, utilize this for quick help.

5 – The store is set to close Friday April 29th (so don't procrastinate)


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