No, this isn't the MIVA Saturday club ride - but it COULD be. This Saturday,we checked out the appointed time and place - Java Expressions, Nanaimo at 9am- but not a soul was there! The club is trying to provide a real opportunity for Nanaimo cyclists to go on a recreational group ride but, so far this year, these club runs have seen from zero to four participants. MIVA now has sixty-two members, making it one of the largest clubs in BC. and the club's competition programme of weekly criteriums and time trials is becoming more and more successful, with over twenty riders showing up to some of the races. How do we structure the social riding activities so that they become as popular???

It's up to the membership to provide feedback so that MIVA can develop the kinds of recreational rides that will best serve your needs. Perhaps the club should just provide the racing opportunities and let members contact each other on Facebook re. non-competitive road riding. Just let us know!