Russ Hay rider, Emile de Rosnay again showed his class by winning tonight's 15km time trial on the Nanaimo River Road. Conditions were near-perfect untril about ten minutes before the start but then the temperature dropped several degrees and a cold wind arose, slowing most of the riders including Emile. Pro City Racing's James Cameron however, managed to improve slightly and only missed out on beating de Rosnay by 23 seconds.

In the women's category, last year's series winner, Janna Gillick, riding her first race this season, won handily in 26' 31" - way off her best time but sufficient to beat the other competitors by over two minutes. Charlene Hay did improve her own best time significantly to beat 3rd place finisher, Rose Houle by just 12 seconds.

Youth rider, Brodie Hay, also posted his best time to date improving by over a minute on last week's effort.

Starting next week, both the Tuesday criteriums and the Thursday time trials will begin at 7.00pm.