Tonight's event was halted after a tandem truck and trailer like this one deliberately tried to run down the break and actually forced Lionel Space off the course and threatened him! Before the start of the race, the same truck had knocked down a couple of dozen cones. The police were called and, after checking our permit and insurance, interviewed everyone involvedin the incident. Boy, I thought that this only happened in the GTA.

It was decided to split the prize money among the four break members as they were 45 seconds upon the bunch with only 6 laps to go. Points were awarded as follows: the four break members 10 each, all other non lapped riders, 5 each. Lapped riders 2 each, Glenda Harling and Brodie Hay 5, Janna

Gillick 5 (volunteer)

The three primes were won by Warren Muir, Ian Smith and Lionel Space

Thanks to Janna Gillick for marshalling and for summoning the RCMP and to Kit McCaffery forlooking after the registration.