MIVA/Coal City Crit #5

Well the weather certainly turned around for us tonight.  After Mondays taste of winter I wasn't sure we were going to have a race when I got up this morning.  However it turned out to be the best night so far. Slightly smaller field than last week with more locals coming out and less making the drive down from Comox we had 16 riders take the start line.

It was a 35 lap race with two Primes up for grabs mid race.  On the sixth lap we rang the bell and Janna jumped to take the sprint and grab a box of chocolate chip clif bars.   The second Prime was closely fought with Kevin and Elijah trying to come around Chris Cameron who just barely held them off to the line.

In the final sprint it was Kevin park with a well timed effort who crossed the line just ahead of James Sage.

Full Results Here

Series standings before the start of this race.  Thank you to Janna for compiling the standings.


As always thanks to our volunteers who came out to the man the corners and the lap board.  Without them these races wouldn't happen.  All volunteers are entered in for a chance at one of three sweet draw prizes the first of which is a set of Easton EC90 wheels.  The more times you volunteer the more times you're entered :D

Sign up and let us know you're available to help out HERE