OBB WHEELERS COLLEGE DRIVE HILL CLIMB. (apologies to Joel Lutz for not having these posted before supper time)

Tonight’s hill climb, starting on the Island Highway and finishing at the top of College Drive, was quite different from the previous ones. The first 1.5 kilometers was a steady 5% - 6% rise which could be ridden in the big ring. However, once past the turn onto College Drive, the riders were faced with a 7% section followed by the last kilometer, which included short sections of 8%, 10% and a final stiff ascent of 12%. Although the field of six contestants was smaller than usual, probably due to the intermittent rain,  all agreed it was a great experience and were looking forward to next year’s climb on the same hill. Full results here.

In the men’s category, twenty year old Derek Brain again showed his dominance of this year’s climbs by finishing almost half a minute ahead of second place PDA, who reversed the placings on the last hill climb, easing out Joel Lutz by a scant nine seconds.

The women’s category was won easily by  thirty-six year old Janna Gillick who beat her sixteen years older opponent Julie Angelo by over a minute and a half. However, age on standard handicapping reduced this deficit to just 24 seconds.

Thanks to Leigh Blaney for acting as start timekeeper, and to John Hannon for marshalling at the Highway 1 / College Drive intersection.

The last hill climb in the series is next Thursday at 6.30pm. It takes place on Duomont Rd. / Wiegles Rd. -the same course that will be used for the Nanaimo Hill climb Championship on October 7th.For those who wish to pre-ride the course, it will be fully marked by this weekend. This is the final event in the 2010 time trial series and could determine a number of overall placings – see highlighted individuals below.

Janna Gillick 180
Cheryl Morch 119
Julie Langelo 111
Erin Hibbitts 106
Colleen Wtorek 82
Kim McCarley 73
Rose Houle 67
Don Gillmore 161
Derek Brian 112
Dave Steen 106
Tony Winter 93
Shawn Boyd 88
Patrick Burnham 65
Joel Lutz 61
Aunley Arumour 58
Gary Vermette 56
Dave Metcalfe 50
Iain Hay 48
Bob Langelo 47
Robin Dutton 44
John Hannon 39
Steve Sharpe 38