SEPT. 2ND.  OBB WHEELERS 3.2km  HILL CLIMB, KILPATRICK RD. OBB Wheelers second midweek hill climb this season saw twelve competitors

take the line to do battle on Kilpatrick Road/Benson View Road. This proved

to be a very different race to the previous contest on Departure Bay Road.

The course started off on Kilpatrick Road at about 6% with a couple of slight

increases and then, after one and a half kilometers, turned right onto

Benson View Road and a big gradient increase to 8%. After another couple

of hundred meters, there was a right hairpin, with the slope increasing to 10%

and then easing back to a final run in that leveled off, descended slightly and

then rose up to 7% for the sting in the tail.

This hill seemed to suit the cyclists more than the triathletes, as members of

cycling clubs won both  categories. In the men’s contest, despite missing his start

by 12 seconds, Everti’s Derek Brain just piped  Tri BC’s Shawn Boyd by a mere

9 seconds. with PDA (Cycling BC) and Bryan Rehill (Tri BVC) sharing 3rd. place, a

further 22 seconds back.

In the women’s category, OBB’s Erin Hibbitts beat Tri BC’s Cheryl Morch by well

over a minute, with fellow Tri BC rider, Rose Houle in, 41 seconds back.

We had several volunteers out to help with holding, and marshalling on the

corners, plus Dave Kenny did duty as co-timekeeper and starter. Thanks to

Mike Woodworth, Tony Winter and to John Hannon who rode the event

as well as helping out beforehand.

Next week’s 15km time trial will start promptly at 6.30pm. Those concerned

about being seen by motorists can get a flashing LED at registration.


MEN pts
Derek Brain Everti 8 38 12” late start 12
Shawn Boyd Tri BC 8 49 10
PDA Cycling BC 9 01 9
Bryan Rehill Tri BC 9 01 9
Joel Lutz HCTC 9 05 7
Derek Steel Arrowsmith 10 49 6
Dave Metcalfe HCTC 10 56 5
John Hannon Cycling BC 11 49 4
Erin Hibbitts OBB 9 39 12
Cheryl Morch Tri BC 10 47 10
Rose Houle Tri BC 11 28 9
Vicki Boyd Tri BC 12 08 8