SINGLE CYLINDER SUNDAY RUNS Robin Dutton's Single Cylinder organisation has recently started a regular Sunday club run-style ride. The rides start from Java Express at the Bowen Northfield Mall and usually last for two to three hours. I was curious to see if these were the kind of group rides I could stay with so last Sunday, I met with the group and followed them with a camera for the first part of their ride.

The group kept together, obeyed all traffic signs, and proceeded in a safe and orderly way at 24-25kph.  On this particular day, there was a long ascent about six kilometers into the ride, on Nanaimo Mines Road,with a few stiff gradients to traverse. The pace dropped and run leader Robin dropped back to look after a straggler while the stronger riders continued to the top of the climb, where they waited. Once all were together, the group continued at a sensible pace on Nanaimo River Road to the Island Highway, and then down onto Cedar Road and Yellow Point Road.

For anyone looking for a steady 60-70km Sunday ride, this one is ideal for a range of abilities and fitness level. For slideshow of the ride, go here