Most amateur organisations like MIVA have an ongoing problem getting enough volunteers to set up their events and provide safe passage for the participants. What often happens is that the lion's share of the ongoing help is provided by a very small group who turn out week after week to ensure the success of club activities. After a while, these few stalwarts tend to burn out and the club is left with a situation where its programme is in jeopardy because of the lack of help. In MIVA's case, the bulk of the work to put on our series events is shouldered by less than half a dozen, although the club membership is now in excess of sixty-five.

If the club doesn't get more assistance with its events, we will have to consider significantly cutting our programme of activities so as not to burn out the few volunteers who regularly turn out week after week or, alternatively, to hire marshals and cut the prizes.

The club's board of directors will be discussing this situation at next Wednesday's monthly meeting. If you have any suggestions, please put them as comments after this post.