MIVA/Arrowsmith Northwood HC #2

HOT🔥 night for the MIVA/Arrowsmith Bikes Hill Climb #2 up Jameson Road to the top of Northwood.   A definite lung buster for the 12 racers.


The winner of a sweet pair of MIVA socks was Jamie Ollson for coming within 1 second of her predicted time.  That's impressive!

Top 3 men

  1. Sean Lunny 6:48

  2. James Sage 7:12

  3. Joel Lutz 7:31

Top 3 women

  1. Lorrie Baildham 8:43

  2. Jamie Ollson 8:49

  3. Mary Hulti 9:38

See full results here: https://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=144282

Thanks to Patrick, Lee Zavarise for timing and Graeme Copp for holding.

Next week is Malaspina Hill Climb off Hammond Bay.  See you there

It was a cooker!

It was a hot one last night at the MIVA/Rock City Cycles 40K TT.   With temps in the high 20's and wind,  hydration was a factor.   Its always tricky to get the pacing right when you are doubling the distance.   Some riders were experiencing muscle cramps and others complained of legs on fire!   We had a guest from Vancouver Christian Hansen who rocked the TT even when he had a flat at the half way point.  Thinking quick he did a wheel change,  got back in the race and came in 2nd with an amazing time.

Despite the heat 2 riders hammered out Personnal Bests:

Congrats to

James Sage Stephen Mohan


Winner of the MIVA socks for estimating the closest to their actual time was Jamie Ollson.  She was only 4 seconds off!!

Top 3 men:

James Sage             58:23

Christian Hansen  1:01:03

Stephen Mohan    1:06:03

Top 2 women:

Lorrie Baildham     1:09:07

Jamie Ollson          1:14:34

Check out the full results https://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=143816

Thanks to Matthys for starting/timing the riders and for providing great music to get us pumped for the race and Steve for manning the turn around.

Next week on July 19th MIVA is trying a  20K point to point TT starting at the far end of NRR.  This should be interesting as its mostly downhill....weeeeeeeeeee!  Hope to see you there.

MIVA/Arrowsmith Hill Climb #1 - Witchcraft

Perfect night for the first Arrowsmith Hill Climb up to Witchcraft Lake.  Great turnout as 14 riders competed against the hill for the fastest times.


The winner of a sweet pair of MIVA socks was James Sage for coming within 6 seconds of his estimated time.

Top 3 men

  1. James Sage 8:49

  2. Joel Lutz 8:54

  3. Robin Dutton 9:04

Top 3 women

  1. Lorrie Baildham 10:07

  2. Jamie Ollson 10:25

  3. Nadia Plamondon 11:55

Thanks to Patrick, Peter McCaffery and Lee Zavarise for timing and Graeme Copp for holding.

See full results here: https://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=143649

More pics from Patrick at https://www.flickr.com/photos/palleus

Next week is Jameson Hill Climb.  First rider off at 7pm.  See you there

Some like it HOT!
Talk about a complete opposite of last week's 12 degrees, it was hot and humid lastnight at the MIVA /Rock City Cycles 20K TT.  The small group of riders battled a headwind on the way out to the turn around with most feeling the effects on the return.  One rider however did achieve a personal best


Congrats to:

Gary Argyle


The winner of a sweet pair of MIVA socks was yours truly for coming within 6 seconds of my estimated time.  I personnally thank Gary as I was trying hard to catch him!


Top 3 men:
James Sage dominated in a time of 28:43 followed by Matthys Redelinguys with a speedy time of 31:59 and Stephen Moran in 32:25


Top 2 women:
Lorrie Baildham snuck under 34minutes with a time of  33:54 followed by Jamie Ollson in 36:54



Thanks to Lee Zavarise for starting the racers, Steve Ollson for manning the turn around and Patrick for timing
Only 3 more TT's left this season.  See you next week for the 40K TT