THIS WEEK'S LA Z BOY CRITERIUM. Tonight, Don Gillmore showed why he is a world champion in his age group on the track and an outstanding time triallist. Just four laps into the criterium, Don simply rode away from the rest of the field, no-one able to stay with him. Within the next ten laps, he caught the buch, won a prime, and rode away again. Before the finish, he had lapped all but two of the other riders yet again. There was a complaint that Gillmore was on a time trial bike but he could have probably eclipsed the other competitors on a Supercycle!

Every race in the series has seen new competitors and tonight was no exception, with Organic Athlete Dave Shistkoff and Arizona import Lionel Space taking the start. Ironically, if all the riders from each of the series events were in one event there would be 26 starters instead of a less-than ten average. Unless there is a significant improvement in the last two events - September 8th. and 22nd. - we will not be running a criterium series next year.  Full results for tonight's event and series standings to date here.

BTW, start time for the last two events will be 6.30pm.