Midsummers Cross and Hill Climbs

Crits and time trials are done, but the season is far from over. Wednesday night we are hosting the Mid Summers Cross race in Diver Lake park.  Entries are limited with only five spots left in the A race(at 5pm Monday afternoon)  If you're interested nows the time to sign up 2017 Diver Lake.jpg//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js We're still looking for help Tuesday evening around five pm to walk the course and rake up pine cones/move big branches etc... to prep the course.  I had a quick look around this afternoon and it's not too bad.  Four or five people with rakes and gloves and we can be done in less than hour.  Bring your bike and we can pre-ride afterwards.

Wednesday afternoon 3:30pm we're starting course set up.  We know we've got six people for sure, who else can come lend a hand.  The more the merrier.  Sign up Here.

Don't forget as well that in addition to my eternal love and respect, all volunteers are going to be entered into the draw for a set of Easton EC90s or Vision Trimax30s at our AGM


Cross isn't your thing?  That's ok, we also still have our Arrowsmith Bikes Hill Climb Series on Thursday August 10.  Meet at the mailboxes on Kilpatrick Road just off Jinglepot at 6pm.  It'll be a great warm up for the Mount Washington Hill climb on Sunday August 13th hosted by the Comox Valley Cycling Club  www.comoxvalleycycleclub.ca