Winding down(sorta)

Last week was a busy one. First we had the hugely successful second running of the Midsummers Cross Race at Diver Lake Park.  An amazing event.  Despite the heat and smoke we had a great turn out, lots of volunteers to make set up a breeze leaving plenty of time for racers to pre-ride the course.  Also a huge turn out of racers with 113 taking the line and kicking up dust.  That number includes the Zoom Zooms and the Half lappers that made sure Norm warmed up for his race

Midsummer Cross-3.jpg

He had to to drop that Megaphone because they were on his wheel.

We also had Rhonda and the girls from Superstore out serving up cold snacks.  The lack of a hot barbecue didn't seem to bother anyone.  The Icecream sandwich and Orange slice hand ups were definitely a welcome treat to parched and dusty racers.

B race results Here

A race results Here

We followed that up with our Arrowsmith Bikes Hill climb.  I'm not gonna lie, after Wednesday night I considered cancelling the hill climb because I thought who wants to race again the next night.  Well I was wrong.  We had a great turn out with 14 riders tackling the Jameson Road climb.

Hill Climb Results Here


Then to finish off the weekend was the Comox Valley Cycling Clubs Annual Mount Washington Hill Climb.  MIVA put in a strong showing with over 25% of the field.  The Weather was perfect for the climb today.  Overcast and cool with just a sprinkling of rain to help cool you off half way up.  The complete results shamelessly stolen from their Facebook Group page at the bottom of this post


With that it's time to start winding down our season just a bit.  By that I mean we only have Two events per week until the end of August.

Tomorrow night we will once again be meeting at the Nanaimo Ice Center for our Monday night development ride.

This Thursday will continue our Arrowsmith Bikes Hill Climb Series with the Witchcraft lake Climb.  Riders will once again be meeting up at the bottom of Kilpatrick Road next to the mailboxes and heading straight up.






Mount Washington Hill Climb; Hosted by Comox Valley Cycling Club


Name Tme Category Mark Grant 53:51 A Doug Merrick 53:56 A Isaac Rankin 53:57 A Keiran Neilsen 54:15 A Sean Lunny 54:16 A Thomas Kalynuk 55:09 A Brett Whitehead 56:01 A Isaac van der Vliet 56:50 A Nicolas Parlee 57:39 A Nathan Walsh 58:35 A Wade Luksay 59:23 A Emily Johnston 59:24 A Dan Wilson 59:24 A Dave Opko 1:00:40 B Harry Reddin 1:01:12 A Juan Rodriguez 1:01:31 B Chris Pullman 1:01:33 B Jamie Saunders 1:03:14 B Ken Johnston 1:03:31 B Ray Wagner 1:03:45 B Jacob Yells, 1:04:48 A James Manders 1:05:28 B Jim Brown 1:05:36 B Kerry Hale 1:07:25 B Gary Argyle 1:09:00 C Lorrie Baildhar 1:09:08 C Jamie Olsen 1:09:20 C Chris Bowman 1:09:57 B Larissa Pelleterio 1:10:05 B E.J.Duncan 1:13:47 C Tim Everets 1:14:21 B Mort Allingham 1:15:34 B Ramon Ramirez 1:16:12 B Janine Bell 1:16:54 C Jeff Lawrence 1:19:17 B Fetze Elgersma 1:19:33 C Chris Perrault 1:20:55 C Wanda Reddin 1:21:08 C Patrick Burnham 1:23:18 B Evan Luksay 1:27:09 C Brynn Johnston 1:35:03 C Lisa McLeod 1:35:03 C