MIVA 15 KM TIME TRIAL Nanaimo River Road

June 9th., 2011

Nice weather tonight, no wind, mild temperature. Peter Stevenson,

Experience Cycles, won in an excellent time of 21' 28”, with OBB's

Warren Muir just 33 seconds back. MIVA rider Shawn Boyd rounded

out the top 3 a further 24seconds in arrears.

In the women's category, Janna Gillick, HCTC, did her usual winning

performance but only improved by a few seconds on her year's best for

the distance. However, Vicki Boyd, MIVA, did a personal best and

got within 24 seconds of Janna.

In the Youth category, Brodie Hay, MIVA, did his best time for 15km

to date.

Thanks to Kit McCaffery for doing registration and looking after club

clothing sales. The riders really like the Kallisto kit for its quality and

fit and we have had to put in a second order already.

Next Thursday's event is a thirty kilometer 2 person team time trial so pick your team mate before coming to registration.