Last Tuesday saw the first crash in one of the MIVA criteriums. Fortunately, only two riders were involved and just one of them came off and was slightly  injured. The riders took it upon themselves to neutralise the race (good thinking guys!) but this incident drew the organiser's attention to some items that need to be addressed. 1) Riders MUST hold their line, especially in corners and when there is a change in the speed of a group.

2) There is a feeling that we don't really need marshals; however, all the corners should be manned as it's only a matter of time until a vehicle wanders onto the course in the wrong direction and causes havoc. At that point you can be sure that the city will close the events down! If we don't get sufficient volunteers for this important role, the club will have to consider the possibility of paying marshals.

3) Lapped riders should be really careful when the bunch passes them. It's good training and skill development to join in with the bunch again but remember, you are not contesting any placings.

4) Don't take needless risks - these events are not the world championships and most participants would like to go to work the next day with no injuries.

By the way, kudos to the women for their riding; they were all safe and showed some real skill.

There will be a clinic before next Tuesday's criterium,so if you are inexperienced or rusty, make sure you are ready to ride at 6.30pm.